Zanzibar holiday ideas

Off Road en Tanzanie vous propose des extensions sur Zanzibar afin de finir votre safari en beauté. L’archipel de Zanzibar vous permettra de faire pleins d’activités et de découvertes inoubliable. Retrouvez ici nos idées de séjours et d’activités.


A few days’ seaside extension in Zanzibar


Come and take your diving diploma or do a first dive

Meet the locals

Friendly locals to delight you


Stone Town will tell you all about the country’s history


Swim, kitesurf,… fill up on emotions

Indian cruise

Tanzanie, archipelago de Zanzibar, ile d’Unguja // Tanzania, archipelago of Zabzibar, Unguja island

Let yourself be rocked to the rhythm of the Indian Ocean


Choose a small romantic lodge and relax

All Inclusive

Looking to meet new people, share experiences and enjoy activities?


The island of Zanzibar is great for a family holiday