Le parc national d’Arusha est le plus petit parc du nord de la Tanzanie avec une superficie de 137km². Il demeure toutefois un parc privilégié des touristes pour un premier safari en Tanzanie. Découvrez-le dès à présent !

Why go to Arusha National Park?

Safari in Arusha Park

A safari in Arusha National Park gives you a superb taste of Tanzania’s wildlife and natural riches. You’ll see many species of monkey in the tropical forest covering the Ngurdoto Crater, admire herds of buffalo, meet colonies of pink flamingos and other waterfowl on the Momella Lakes and, above all, hike up Mount Meru for an enchanting view.

Animals in the park

Arusha National Park has no large predators. It is therefore a rather quiet park where you can observe buffalo, giraffe, zebra, monkeys, hippopotamus, antelopes and many birds.

The flora of the park

Arusha Park is made up of wooded plains with immense fig trees. There are many waterholes: lakes, ponds and swamps, especially the Momella lakes. These are 7 shallow lakes, each fed by a different underground zone. This is also the best place to photograph the famous Mont Méru.

A tropical forest covers the park’s small caldera: the Ngurdoto crater, measuring 3km² in diameter. That’s a far cry from Ngorongoro ‘s 326km²! It’s in this dense forest that you can go in search of baboons, blue monkeys and above all a rare species: the colobus!

The Arusha region is rather mountainous. In fact, Arusha Park surrounds Mount Meru, Tanzania’s second highest mountain, located opposite the majestic Kilimanjaro, Africa’s largest mountain!

Journey to Arusha National Park

To visit Arusha National Park is to be driven into the heart of a lush forest alive with the monkeys and birds that live there. It means driving to the lakes and stopping for a picnic in front of a flock of pink flamingos! It means continuing on to Mount Meru and walking to see the waterfalls. It also means finishing your journey at the Jekukumia River, where the peace and quiet reign. Here you can relax and listen to the sounds of the birds. You close your eyes and think of all the beautiful things you have seen. You realise that you are in Tanzania. Your dream begins here, in the most fabulous of Africa’s small parks!

When to go on safari in Arusha Park

You canvisit Arusha National Park all year round. Most people visit Arusha between June and October, during the dry season. The wildlife gathers around the waterholes and is easier to observe because the vegetation is less dense. There is a short rainy season in November, after which the landscapes are even more luxuriant! We often recommendclimbing Mount Meru between December and February, as this is the period when you get the best views of Kilimanjaro. It’s also the period when you see the most birds.

For your Tanzania safari in this park, we recommend you make a half-day stopover or stay all day for a gentle safari. You can also stay for 4 days toclimb Mount Meru with our Tanzania trekking specialists. It’s a trek that’s accessible to amateurs and even to children over the age of 10. Get some height and observe the landscapes of Arusha with the snows of Kilimanjaro in the background!

How do I get to Arusha Park?

Driving time to Arusha Park

Arusha National Park is the closest park toKilimanjaro International Airport, which is where you land if you want to travel to northern Tanzania. That’s why it’s often the first stop on a trip to Tanzania.

It takes a good half-hour to get from Arusha to Arusha National Park by 4×4. If you leave directly from Kilimanjaro Airport, it will take you an hour.

Where to stay?

In general, we suggest that our travellers spend their first night in a charming lodge close to Arusha: Moyoni Airport Lodge. Ideally located, it is also THE lodge in the area that will acclimatise you best. It’s a small lodge with a warm, family atmosphere, local cuisine and a swimming pool with a view of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro.

Park fees and regulations

Entrance fees: Arusha National Park

Entrance fees to Tanzanian parks are set according to age and also vary according to the weight of the vehicle. The price is around US$45 per person over 16, US$15 for children aged 5 to 16 and free for children under 5. These prices exclude 18% tax.

Arusha Park: regulations

As in all Tanzania’s parks, you must respect the flora and fauna, follow the guide’s instructions and not litter. Detailed regulations are provided at the park entrance.

Excursionsand activities in Arusha

  • Take a canoe trip on the Momella lakes.
  • Take a safari hike in the forest at the foot of Mount Meru in search of waterfalls.
  • Climb to the top of Mount Meru (4566 metres high)
  • Take a cultural tour of Arusha and visit a coffee plantation
  • Take a walk around Lake Duluti