General terms and conditions of contract and travel

The general travel conditions and contractual provisions govern the legal relationship between you and Off Road Voyages SARL.

1. Registration and conclusion of the contract

The contract concluded between you and the organiser takes effect on receipt of your payment. From then on, the rights and obligations under the contract are applicable with immediate effect for you and Off Road Voyages SARL. If you enrol other travellers, you undertake, on their behalf, to comply with the terms of this contract.

The scope of the contractual services refers to the description of your travel programme.

2. Prices and payment terms

Prices may be subject to change as a result of negotiations, changes in demand, the introduction of new taxes or fluctuations in exchange rates. Unless otherwise stated, our prices are quoted per person, in euros.

Payment can be made online by credit card or by bank transfer. Any bank charges relating to an international transfer are entirely at the customer’s expense.

In the case of payment by credit card, Off Road Voyages SARL will invoice you for the additional cost of bank charges.

At the time of registration, a deposit must be paid. The deposit corresponds to 30% of the cost of the services for stays in Tanzania. The balance must be paid no later than 45 days before departure. For bookings made less than 45 days before departure, the full amount must be paid when the contract is concluded.

3. Changes and cancellation by the traveller

Any modification or cancellation may be subject to charges.

Certain terrestrial services are subject to specific conditions of modification or cancellation, which Off Road Voyages SARL cannot avoid and which will be passed on to the customer.

In the event of cancellation or partial cancellation of the trip, the following cancellation charges will apply:

In the event of cancellation, 30% of the total price will be systematically retained.
In the event of cancellation 90 days or more before departure, the charges will be as follows:

  • 90 to 61 days before departure: 50% of the total price
  • 60 to 31 days before departure: 75% of the total price
  • From 30 to “no show”: 100% of the total price

4. Interruption of the trip by you during your stay

If you interrupt your trip, return a vehicle early or cancel certain services on the spot, we will not be able to give you a refund.

If you miss your plane, train or boat, there is no possibility of reimbursement. If you miss your return flight, the cost of extending your stay will be entirely at your expense. The risk of delay is entirely borne by the traveller.

5. Replacement traveller

If one of the travellers is unable to travel, he or she may be replaced by another person who must be prepared to resume the same travel arrangement, under the same conditions. The replacement person must be accepted by all the other partner companies involved in your trip. In all cases, we will charge you a handling fee of 100 euros for any necessary changes to be made.

6. Passport, visa and vaccination

You are personally responsible for being in possession of the required travel documents. We will inform you about passport and visa requirements, as well as health regulations and any vaccinations you may need. This information can be found on our website or in your travel documents (programme, fact sheet). We accept no responsibility if a passenger is unable to make a flight or cross a border because their travel documents are incomplete. In such a case, any right to a refund is excluded.

In the event of changes to entry requirements, Off Road Voyages SARL will, to the best of its knowledge, inform you as soon as possible and cannot be held responsible for these changes.

In the event of refusal of entry into a country Off Road Voyages SARL cannot be held responsible, the return journey will be at your expense and the cancellation clauses will apply.

7. Cancellation of the trip by Off Road Voyages SARL

Cancellation by Off Road Voyages SARL may occur up to 1 week before departure. Cases of force majeure, unrest and other circumstances which require the cancellation of the organisation of the trip in your own interest remain reserved. In the event of cancellation on our part, we undertake to negotiate cancellation costs with our partners in order to limit them and reimburse you as far as possible. A full refund will not be made. For the same reasons, a trip interruption cannot be ruled out. If the trip is interrupted, we undertake to negotiate the cancellation costs with our partners whose services you would not have benefited from, in order to limit these costs and reimburse you as far as possible. A full refund will not be made

If a trip requires a minimum number of participants, this is indicated under the trip description. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the trip may be cancelled up to 2 weeks before the start of the trip at the latest, and we will refund any payments already made in full. All cases under this paragraph exclude any claim to other compensation.

8. Price and programme changes

Off Road Voyages SARL reserves the right to make changes at any time to the information in the descriptions of services, the prices published on our website and the travel contracts. In such cases, we will inform you and update your travel documents.

In the specific cases listed below, we reserve the right to increase the price of a holiday already booked:

  • new or increased taxes or compulsory charges (e.g. park entrance fees)
  • price increases decreed by the government (e.g. VAT)
  • significant changes in exchange rates

We reserve the right, in particular when it is also in the traveller’s interest, and in consultation with the traveller, to subsequently modify the travel programme or certain agreed services (e.g. accommodation, type of transfer) if unforeseeable or unavoidable events so require. We will, of course, inform you as soon as possible of any changes to the travel programme and offer alternative services of the same value.

9. Complaints

If the services provided do not correspond to the description or if they are otherwise defective, you should immediately inform your travel consultant, who will take the necessary steps to remedy the shortcoming if it is established.

If the defect or loss has not been reported on the spot and you are unable to produce written confirmation from the service provider, any claim on your part will be considered null and void. Complaints and claims for compensation must be made explicitly in writing no later than 1 week after your return. If you fail to comply with this deadline, you will lose your right to any compensation.

10. Liability

We undertake to provide the services agreed at the time of booking and in accordance with our general terms and conditions.

Claims for damages are excluded if they are due to negligence on your part, to foreseeable or unavoidable negligence on the part of a third party or to force majeure, or if damage could not be foreseen or avoided despite the care taken by us or the service provider.

11. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The legal relationship between the parties is subject exclusively to Swiss law.

The place of jurisdiction is Geneva.