Situé dans le sud de la Tanzanie à côté de la réserve naturelle de Selous, le Parc National d’Udzungwa créé en 1992 est réputé pour la diversité de sa faune avec la présence d’animaux emblématiques mais également de ses forêts à perte de vue. Le Parc National d’Udzungwa se différencie des autres parcs nationaux d’Afrique de l’Est avec sa superficie d’environ 1 990km2.

Why visit Udzungwa National Park?

Visiting the park

Today, Udzungwa National Park is a benchmark in East Africa, boasting the second greatest biodiversity of all the national parks in Tanzania and even in Africa, thanks to the richness of its flora.

Its extraordinary vegetation contains more than 2,500 species of plant, including 160 medicinal plants

The animals present

In this breathtaking region, you’ll have the privilege of seeing elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, elands, baboons and sable– enough to bring back some fantastic photos from your Tanzania Safari!

In addition to these animals, you will also have the chance to spot six species of primate , two of which are endemic to Tanzania, namely Iringa or (Uhehe) the Koroma red monkey and the Sanje crested monkey.

For birdwatchers, this will be a paradise for you, as the area has recorded more than 400 species of bird, including four that are found only in this park. So get ready to spot forest partridges, storks, green-headed orioles, rock vultures, crested eagles, forest fishers, silver-cheeked hornbills and hornbills.

Excursions and activities near the park

There are many other activities to do when visiting Udzungwa National Park. We can arrange a visit to a nearby village, hiking and many other tailor-made activities.

When to visit the park

From March to May, the trails in Udzungwa National Park become slippery. That’s why it’s often advisable to visit the park during the dry season between June and November.

How do I get to Udzungwa National Park?

Udzungwa National Park lies to the south-east of Mikumi Park, so travellers often take the opportunity to visit both parks.

Udzungwa National Park can be reached by all types of transport.

The park is around 350km from Dar es Salaam.

  • By plane: There are regular flights from Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Mikumi
  • By car: From Dar es Salaam, it’s a 5-hour drive to Udzungwa
  • By train: from Dar es Salaam to Udzungwa there is the Tazara train, which leaves every Tuesday and Friday at around 2pm

Where to stay?

The number of accommodation options in Udzungwa Park is fairly limited. Our advisors will help you find the accommodation that best suits your needs!

Prices and regulations for Udzungwa National Park

Opening times and entrance fees for Udzungwa :

Udzungwa Park is open to the public from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm. It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Entrance to the park is valid for 24 hours.

  • 30 per adult
  • 10 for children aged 5 to 15
  • Free for children under 5

These prices are included in your Off Road travel package.

Park regulations

During your visit to Udzungwa National Park, you will of course be asked to respect certain rules:

  • Respect the animals
  • Respect the plants
  • Stay in the car
  • Keep silence
  • Keep your distance from animals
  • Pick up litter