Le parc national de Saadani est le lieu idéal pour allier safari d’aventure et détente sur les belles plages de sable blanc de Tanzanie.

Discover Saadani National Park in Tanzania

Located north of Dar Es Salaam, opposite the Zanzibar archipelago on Tanzania’s east coast, Saadani National Park boasts an incredible variety of landscapes. This unique, unspoilt place combines a safari adventure with a change of scenery on the continent’s white sandy beaches. Watching large African mammals and relaxing with your feet in the sand facing the Indian Ocean in the same day – that’s the promise of Saadani National Park. The panorama offered by this natural sanctuary is like no other. A dense and wild savannah, an equatorial forest with marshy soil, a beach of fine sand and turquoise waters, Saadani Park immerses you in an exceptional environment that is home to a wide variety of wild animals.

Safari in the Saadani reserve: meet the wildlife

The wildlife of Saadani National Park includes four of the five main predators of the Tanzanian savannah. The vast majority of the famous Big Five inhabit the park, but their small numbers make them difficult to see. Because of its proximity to local villages, the animals of Saadani National Park tend to hide. Wildlife observation is therefore less easy than in the major national parks in the north of the country.

The variety of ecosystems that make up this coastal park will allow you to observe different landscapes and different emblematic species during your safari. Antelopes, giraffes, elephants, buffalo, greater kudu, wildebeest and eland are just some of the animals you will come across on the Saadani plains. The mangrove swamps of the Wami River are a veritable paradise for hippos, crocodiles and the many species of birds, including kingfishers, that inhabit the reserve. Saadani Park is classified as a lion conservation unit. Here, the emblematic Big Five felines have the particularity of climbing trees. The beaches of Saadani are an important breeding ground for green turtles in Tanzania.

Must-do activities during your visit to Saadani

A visit to Saadani National Park is not limited to the traditional 4×4 photo safari; there are other options for an exceptional adventure in this unusual setting.

Accommodation for a comfortable stay in Saadani

Accommodation in Saadani National Park is not as well developed as in the famous parks in northern Tanzania. We advise you to plan ahead to find accommodation that suits your wishes and your budget. Our specialist destination advisors can help you select the accommodation that’s 100% right for you in the heart of Saadani National Park. Here are the different establishments we can suggest for your stay in the south of the country:

Ecotourism at Saadani: a commitment to preserving the environment

Created as a nature reserve in the 1960s, Saadani doubled in size in 2002 when it became a national park. This was a key step in protecting the local wildlife, which suffered from poaching until the end of the 1990s. The protection and conservation of Saadani’s coastal zone is at the heart of the park’s concerns. The fight against poaching, the integration of villages into the conservation process and raising visitor awareness are all helping to protect a rich ecosystem. The beach, the green tortures, the Zaraninge lowland forest, the mangrove swamps of the Wami river and the endemic, rare and endangered species are the focus of daily conservation and preservation work.

Saadani’s aquatic fauna: a wealth of species to explore

Saadani National Park is renowned for its privileged location on the shores of the Indian Ocean and the richness of its marine fauna. A safari in the heart of Saadani’s natural beauty will be an opportunity to discover exceptional aquatic species, very different from the animals that are emblematic of the African savannah. As you stroll along Saadani’s beaches, you’ll catch sight of the dolphins and whales that live at the heart of this marine ecosystem. These magnificent beaches are also a major breeding ground for the green turtles that inhabit the Indian Ocean. The dense forests and mangroves that line the Wami River are also home to crocodiles, kingfishers, flamingos and hippos.

Travelling with Off Road: a unique and personalised adventure in Saadani

Venture along some of the wildest tracks in southern Tanzania on a tailor-made adventure safari in Saadani National Park. Off Road accompanies you every step of the way. A personalised itinerary, an experienced and passionate guide, exclusive experiences, authentic accommodation, transfers and routes adapted to your wishes, personalised advice for total immersion in the south of the country. Let’s design the trip that’s right for you!

The best times to visit Saadani National Park

The Tanzanian climate is favourable in all seasons, so the national park can be visited all year round. However, the dry season, from June to September, and the hot season, from December to February, offer ideal conditions for observing animals and relaxing on the country’s most beautiful beaches. The short rainy season (October to November) and the wet season (March to May) should be avoided. This park on Tanzania’s east coast enjoys a hot, humid climate, with a maximum annual temperature of 29°C.

The history and local culture of Saadani

At the heart of the Saadani reserve lies a fishing village. Discover the traditions and way of life of the local people after your safari! This visit will be a great opportunity to share and exchange ideas about local culture and heritage. The village boasts a large collection of ruins and remains, enabling you to learn more about the history of this former major trading port in the 19th century.

Practical tips for your safari in Saadani

How do I get to Saadani National Park?

Access to Saadani National Park is very limited, as the road is impassable. It is therefore advisable to get there by plane. There are several options:

What is the ideal length of stay?

We recommend that you spend at least 2 days in the park to fully enjoy the magnificent scenery. A 2-day safari will allow you to discover the savannah, forest and beach of Saadani National Park.

Prices and park regulations

The price of a trip to Saadani National Park in Tanzania depends on the activity and accommodation you choose, as well as the length of your stay. By using a specialist agency, you will be able to study all the possible options for your trip to southern Tanzania.

It is important not to disturb the animals or attract their attention, so you should observe them calmly. The park is open from 6am to 6pm, so night safaris are not available. On the beach, care must be taken to protect the sea turtles’ breeding grounds and their nests.

Why go to Saadani National Park?

With a surface area of 1,062 m², Saadani National Park is the only safari park on the East African coast. It is the only national park that offers a combination of adventure safari and relaxation on beautiful white sandy beaches with plenty of palm trees. Imagine watching large African mammals and then relaxing on a sumptuous beach facing the Indian Ocean.

The Saadani National Reserve boasts lush flora. It’s one of the best parks for taking photos, with its unique setting of bushes, rivers, mangroves and beaches. The Sadani National Reserve can be explored on foot, by 4×4 or by boat.

Safari in Saadani National Park

The wildlife of Saadani National Park includes four of the top five predators. You can find almost all the Big Five here, but you should be aware that it is very difficult to spot them because there are so few of them. In general, the animals hide because the park is close to the local villages and the animals try to avoid interacting with the locals.

During your safari you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these animals:

  • Crocodiles
  • Lions
  • Leopards
  • Hippos
  • Masai giraffe
  • Elephants
  • Wildebeest
  • Yellow baboons
  • Mongooses
  • Porcupine
  • Spotted hyenas
  • Green turtles
  • Cape buffalo

Journey to the south of Tanzania

Admire the sunrise over the Indian Ocean and relax on deckchairs during your stay. Treat yourself to moments of serenity on anIndian Ocean beach and observe the African wildlife. You can see sea turtles, pelicans and maybe even dolphins.

There are a number of water-based activities on offer, including scuba diving, snorkelling and boat safaris on the Wami River. For travellers who prefer to stay on dry land, a walking safari with an armed ranger can be arranged.

How do I get to Saadani National Park?

Access to Saadani National Park is very limited, as road access is impassable.

That’s why it’s best to get there by plane.

There are several options:

  • Either from Dar Es Salaam airport
  • From Zanzibar airport

Where to stay?

Our advisors can help you find accommodation in Saadani National Park. We recommend that you book well in advance so that you have more choice.

It is often advisable to stay for at least 2 days so that you can enjoy the park’s magnificent scenery.

Prices and park regulations

The price of your stay in Saadani Park in Tanzania depends very much on the activity you choose, the accommodation you choose and the length of your stay. This is why we advise you to discuss all your options with an advisor before your trip.

It is important not to disturb the animals or attract their attention, so you should observe them calmly.

The park is open from 6am to 6pm, so the night safari is not available. On the beach, care must be taken to protect the sea turtles’ breeding grounds and their nests.