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Mwezi Boutique – Zanzibar

“Ecological compatibility, use and recycling of reclaimed materials, interior design, modern African art and hospitality”: this is what characterises the Mwezi Boutique Resort.

Its strength lies in the beauty of the location, combined with a new idea for a resort in Zanzibar: fusing ancient building techniques using clay and wood, and the characteristic makuti roofs, with modern, exclusive taste, to give the resort a unique charm and imprint.

Mwezi Boutique Resort is a resort that embodies the essence of Africa at its purest and most authentic, with its rhythms, scents and colours, but where you will find simple, family-style hospitality that will make you feel right at home.
At Mwezi, you’ll feel at home because, as its slogan says, it’s “your house on the beach”.