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Hors piste is a travel agency specialising in adventure travel in Africa, through Safaris and Treks. If you’re planning a trip to Zanzibar, it’s essential to take the necessary health precautions into account, particularly with regard to recommended vaccinations. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the essential information on vaccinations to consider before travelling to Zanzibar, so that you can enjoy your trip in complete peace of mind.

Recommended vaccinations for travelling to Zanzibar

Before embarking on your adventure trip to Zanzibar, it’s essential to find out about the vaccinations recommended to protect you against the diseases present in the region. Here are the main vaccinations to consider:

  • Yellow fever vaccine: Zanzibar is a region where yellow fever can be present. It is strongly recommended that you get vaccinated against this disease before you leave. Make sure your vaccination record is up to date, as some countries may require proof of vaccination on entry.
  • Typhoid fever vaccine: Typhoid fever is caused by bacteria present in contaminated food and water. It is therefore advisable to be vaccinated, especially if you plan to eat local food or drink tap water in Zanzibar.
  • Hepatitis A vaccine: Hepatitis A is a viral infection transmitted by ingesting contaminated food or water. It is advisable to get vaccinated, especially if you are going to visit rural areas or intend to sample local specialities.
  • Rabies vaccine: Rabies is present in animals in Zanzibar. If you are planning to interact with animals or if you are planning outdoor activities such as trekking, it is advisable to get vaccinated against rabies.

Understanding health risks in Zanzibar

To make the most of your trip to Zanzibar, it’s important to understand the health risks you could be exposed to. Here are some of the most common illnesses in the region:

  • Malaria: Malaria, also known as malaria, is present in Zanzibar. It is essential to take preventive measures, including using mosquito repellents, wearing long clothing and sleeping under an insecticide-treated mosquito net.
  • Traveller’s diarrhoea: Traveller’s diarrhoea is common in tropical countries. To avoid this problem, drink bottled water, avoid raw or undercooked food, and wash your hands regularly with soap or a hydro-alcoholic solution.
  • Dengue fever: Dengue fever is a disease transmitted by mosquitoes. It is important to use mosquito repellents and wear long clothing to protect yourself from bites.
  • Sexually transmitted infections: Sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS and syphilis are present in Zanzibar. It is essential to use condoms during sex to protect yourself and limit the risk of transmission.

Steps to take before leaving for Zanzibar

Before leaving for Zanzibar, it’s essential to take a few steps to get vaccinated. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Consult a health professional: Make an appointment with your doctor or visit a specialised vaccination centre for advice tailored to your personal situation.
  2. Check your vaccination record: Make sure your basic vaccinations are up to date, such as DT-Polio (against diphtheria, tetanus and poliomyelitis) and whooping cough.
  3. Inform the health professional of your destination: Make it clear that you are planning to travel to Zanzibar so that he or she can recommend any vaccinations specific to this destination.
  4. Respect the necessary deadlines: Some vaccines require several injections or must be administered at a certain time before departure. Make sure you take these deadlines into account when planning your vaccination.
  5. Obtain an international vaccination certificate: For some vaccines, such as yellow fever, you will receive a vaccination certificate. Check whether this certificate is compulsory for your trip and make sure you have it in your possession.
  6. Keep a copy of your vaccination booklet: It is advisable to keep a copy of your vaccination booklet with you during your trip, in case you need to show proof of vaccination.

A worry-free trip to Zanzibar

To make the most of your trip to Zanzibar while taking care of your health, here are a few additional tips:

  • Prepare before you travel: In addition to vaccinations, consider taking out travel insurance to cover medical expenses abroad. Find out about health and medical evacuation cover, in case you need urgent medical assistance.
  • Protect yourself against mosquito bites: As well as mosquito nets and repellents, you can wear long, light clothing to minimise the risk of being bitten.
  • Purify your water: Avoid drinking tap water in Zanzibar. Instead, use sealed bottles of water and make sure that the food you eat is prepared in hygienic conditions.
  • Follow the hygiene recommendations: Wash your hands regularly with soap or a disinfectant solution. Avoid touching your face, especially your eyes, nose and mouth, without first washing your hands.
  • Be careful with food: Opt for hot, fresh dishes and avoid raw or undercooked foods. Also avoid unpeeled or unwashed fruit and vegetables.
  • Ask about Hors piste’s services: If you want to organise an adventure trip to Zanzibar with complete peace of mind, don’t hesitate to contact Hors piste. Our experienced team will be able to guide and advise you for a memorable stay.

If you’re planning an adventure trip to Zanzibar, it’s essential to take the necessary health precautions into account, particularly the recommended vaccinations. Be sure to consult a health professional for personalised advice and to update your vaccination record.

In addition to vaccinations, be sure to follow the general recommendations to prevent health risks during your stay in Zanzibar. Protect yourself against mosquito bites, purify the water you drink, follow basic hygiene rules and be careful with the food you eat.

Don’t forget to consider travel insurance to cover you in case of unexpected health problems. And if you’re looking for a travel agency specialising in adventure travel in Africa, don’t hesitate to contact Hors piste. Our experienced team will be delighted to help you plan a memorable trip to Zanzibar.

By taking the necessary steps to protect yourself, enjoying the wonders of Zanzibar will be a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Don’t let health concerns spoil your trip and prepare accordingly. Have a safe trip and enjoy your Zanzibar adventure!