HORS PISTES, Agence Responsable

Hors Pistes, a responsible agency

As a local safari agency in Tanzania, Off Road makes it a point of honour to develop responsible and ecological tourism.

Safari in Tanzania yes! but not only..

As a local safari agency in Tanzania, Off Road makes it a point of honour to develop responsible and ecological tourism.
Safaris in Tanzania have developed very rapidly in recent years and Off Road is particularly keen to respect human values, but also to avoid creating mass tourism and to help the local populations through sustainable actions.

The Rothia project

Orphan children on safari

Off Road has decided to work alongside Rothia Valley to give children the chance to discover the natural riches of their country. Tanzania is one of Africa’s richest countries in terms of wildlife. The national parks in the north are world-famous for their beauty and the density of animals that live there. Millions of wildebeest and zebra migrate across these virgin plains in search of green meadows and waterholes.
By taking part in this adventure with them, we wanted to give these children the opportunity to experience the incredible thrill of a safari.
With several years’ experience in this sector, Off Road made its vehicles and driver guides available to organise a two-day safari for 13 children from the Rhotia Valley orphanage. An experience they won’t soon forget!

Eco-responsible lodges

Off Road owns 5 lodges and tented camps across the northern parks. All are small structures, accommodating a limited number of travellers.
Some are equipped with solar panels to use the country’s natural resources.

The tented camps, located in the heart of the Bush, offer exceptional experiences in unique locations.

Water and electricity are becoming scarce commodities, which is why their use is limited.

Local life

Having a safari agency in Tanzania means living together and getting involved in the social life of the country.

Off Road sponsors the “Future Stars Academy” team of young footballers from Arusha. Thanks to its various sponsors, the equipment is renewed, tournaments are organised and the teams can wear beautiful shirts!

Helping the local population

Off Road tries to help children in orphanages through one-off and long-term projects.
We have helped to rebuild the roofs, bought new washing machines and refurbished the bedrooms to try and improve the daily lives of some of the children in the country.